9 FINTEL Terminologies You Should Know

Happy New year to you and welcome to my first blog post in 2020. This year promises to be a one of great progress and prosperity. I hope you are ready.

If money is a defense, then Financial Intelligence is the attack – FINTEL Coach

As we begin the year, I want to share with you some FINTEL jargons that we have developed and used within our community over the past 2 years. I understand that some or all of these terms may sound strange to you. You need not worry. They are peculiar to the members of our community. When you join us, you will be familiar with them.

We are looking forward to seeing these terms become mainstream in the nearest future.


1. FINTEL (n)

Have you ever wondered what FINTEL means?

Well, depending on the angle you look at it, “Fintel” may refer to a municipality in the district of Rotenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany and has about 3,000 inhabitants; a company that provides advanced equity research tool for intelligent investors; a tool that helps participating financial institutions manage financial crime risk through the power of collaboration; or the act of destroying someone in something.

However, for our community, FINTEL is the mnemonics for Financial Intelligence. It is coined from the first letter of Financial and first 5 letters of Intelligence.

Financial Intelligence can be defined as the basic knowledge of how money works and the application of this knowledge in making financial decisions that make life better.

It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, Financial Intelligence is not goal. It is NOT a state of having so much money neither is it something that you are graded for as is the case with “School Intelligence”. Rather, it is the means to a goal and that goal is Financial Freedom!

I have adopted FINTEL as the signature name for what I do as a financial intelligence coach. It is the origin of my brand name and website fintelcoach.com which was launched on 29th April 2017.

2. FINTEL Coach (n)

This refers to someone who teaches and guides other people on the path of financial intelligence.

Anyone with adequate knowledge about how money works can teach financial intelligence but it takes someone who is passionate about helping others get on the path to financial freedom to be a FINTEL Coach. An example of that person is Obot Essiet Jr.

3. FINTELite (n)

A FINTELite is a student of Financial Intelligence working either  independently or under the supervision of a coach. Everyone associated with our FINTEL Community is a FINTELite.

This term refers to anybody who is hungry and determined to invest in their knowledge and grow their financial literacy by supporting and learning from other people how to make wise money decisions.

It takes lots of humility, courage and a love for knowledge to be a FINTELite. You have to be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn so many things. Your beliefs and negative money mindset must change and you must cultivate a healthy relationship with money through a renewed understanding of how money works.

These are the attributes you get to acquire just by associating with us for a few days.

FINTELites can be found everywhere both offline and online. We are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp.

4. FINTEL Warriors (n)

This is the name given to the online platform on WhatsApp where FINTELites are found. Unfortunately, the group has reached its maximum capacity of 256 and can no longer admit new members. You don’t have to worry, though. You can join us on Telegram.

FINTEL Warriors
The FINTEL Warriors platform has been in existence since July 2018

Are in interested in knowing why they are called “Warriors”? The answer is not far-fetched. We have an analogy that compares the fight for financial freedom to the spiritual battle that Apostle Paul described in Ephesians 6:11-18  of the Holy Book. You can find the full analogy on pages 52-54 of the FINTEL Frank Talk Manual. ?

5. FINTEL Forum (n)

This is the name given to the online platform on Telegram where FINTELites can be found. The forum is free and open to all and sundry. If you are not there yet, do join us by clicking on this link.

Once you join, your first mission is to invite and add at least 10 of your friends to the Forum so they can benefit from the Forum too. You know, there is joy in sharing. ?

#FINTELFrankTalk - #WarOnDebt, fintelcoach

6. Fintellectual (n, adj)

This is the name given to someone who has attained an advanced stage of mastery of the concepts around personal finance and can be said to be an authority on financial intelligence.

It is coined from the combination of the words “FINTEL” and “Intellectual”.

Encarta Dictionary defines an Intellectual as “an intelligent person: somebody with a highly developed ability to reason and understand, especially if also well educated and interested in the arts or sciences or enjoying activities involving serious mental effort.”

Therefore, in the same vein, a Fintellectual is “a financially intelligent person: somebody with a highly developed ability to reason and understand how money works, especially if also well educated and interested in personal finance and money management or enjoying activities involving serious mental effort.” ?

7. Fintelligent (adj)

This is simply an adjective used to describe the state of being financially intelligent, especially to a highly developed degree.

8. Fintelly (adv)

Fintelly means in a financially intelligent way.

It is used to qualify a “FINTEL verb” in a sentence. It can also be used immediately before the signature to end a letter that is addressed to somebody by name.

For example, I mostly use it after giving sessions on platforms and in my official emails to our fellow FINTELites thus “Yours fintelly, Obot Essiet Jr.”

9. Fintelize (v)

This means to make someone, a situation or something more financially intelligent or to make sense fintelly.

For example, if you want to analyse and correct a situation where someone made a bad money decision, you can say you are fintelizing the situation. If you are teaching a concept of personal finance to someone, you are trying to fintelize the person. ?


In conclusion, these are all the signature FINTEL terminologies you should know as we move into 2020. This list is not exhaustive. It would be updated with time.

What do you think about these terms? Let’s hear your opinion in the comments below.

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