A Life of Balanced Emotions

A life of balanced emotions is made up of a fine blend of:

Rationalism ?
Sensationalism ?
Pragmatism ?

Rationalism has to do with the logical, rational, thinking part of you.

Sensationalism has to do with your five sense organs and how their activities affect your feelings.

Pragmatism has to do with your ability to make objective and practical decisions based on facts.

Let me give you examples:

★1. In RELATIONSHIP, Sensationalism is what makes you see someone attractive and you begin to develop feelings of love and admiration towards the person.

Rationalism helps you decide whether the person is worth your love in terms of qualities beyond the physical beauty such as character, faithfulness, attitude, etc.

Pragmatism helps you get practical and decide whether to go ahead with the relationship or to discard the sensation as a mere infatuation.

★2. In BUSINESS, sensationalism makes you excited when you hear about a money doubling scheme and the potential of earning 200% returns on investment. Your greed instinct is activated and you want to put in your money right away.

Rationalism is that part of your emotions that will cause you to critically look at the claims of the person pitching this investment to you. You’ll begin to ask questions like:

*Is that ROI logically possible?
*What is the primary product if this company? *What is their growth and sustainability strategy?
*Is it making money or losing money?
*How does their balance sheet look like?
*What is their reputation (social proof)?

Then, Pragmatism will help you make the right and objective decision (of whether to invest or not) that is based on facts and practicality and not on your feelings.


★Here is a personal story of how I was able to balance my emotions recently.

Yesterday, I was kinda in a mood to spew a litany of deep things from the mind on my WhatsApp status (that’s Rationalism?) .

But…but, my mum is calling me to eat boiled maize? and local pear and I can’t resist the aroma ??

Now, that’s me practically yielding to Sensationalism ??

Did I say, I can’t resist the aroma?

Nah. Definitely, I CAN. But I deliberately chose NOT to resist the aroma! ?

Now that’s me being pragmatic by choosing between being rational and being sensational (Pragmatism at work)

When you allow Sensationalism to overwhelm Rationalism and vice versa, there is bound to be issues.

You must learn to balance these three aspects of your emotion for you to have a smooth life.

In conclusion, what I just described in the above are classical examples of the application of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

E.I is a faculty you must have fully developed before thinking of success in business, marriage, finance or relationship. ?

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