Are You Building Wealth For Others?

Before the advent of salary/wage earning system of work, men and women were self-employed. They cultivated their farmland, planted crops and nurtured them. That was their only pathway to wealth.

During harvest period they took away the ones they needed for consumption and sent the remaining to the market where they exchanged them for whatever goods or services they needed.

That system was known as trade-by-barter.

During that era, man was not working for others for wages. As time went by, industries sprang up and salary/wages were introduced leading to employer-employee relationship. This brought almost to an end the primitive self-employment which was in vogue.

From that period, men and women started to work for others to earn their living. As a result of this, trade unionism came into being and workers formed various trade unions whereby they fought for their rights.

Agitations for higher pay, housing allowance, furniture allowance, transport allowance and a host of other benefits were made by workers from time to time. While workers were fighting for better conditions of service, employers were also demanding for higher productivity from their employees.

Since employers were interested in making huge profit, they introduced worker layoffs, salary-cuts and retrenchment.

Employers were doing all these to raise the profit margin of their companies. And because of the fear of losing their jobs, most employees remained in their jobs even though they were dissatisfied with their conditions of service. This led to psychological problems on the part of the employees and such workers could not perform their duties optimally because they awere not happy with their work and the compensation they got.

Research has shown that over 70 per cent of workers currently are not happy with their jobs and what they earn and yet remain in such jobs. To break this chain, network marketing has come to salvage people from such situation. Why should a man remain in a job which he does not love?

Throughout the world, it has been observed that most people work for 40 hours a week. They do that for 40 years and at the end they have less than $400 in their bank accounts at retirement. This example is common among retired workers. Why should a man continue to work and live under such conditions?

One of the wise options is to look for a good network marketing company, sign in, and break the chain of poverty for good.

In network marketing, all you need to do is to register with a little amount of money and become your own boss. The initial experience may be difficult, but if a good foundation is established, the new networker will change his/her life from employer-dependency to self-employment which is a better option.

It is a fact that no one works for another man for salary or wages, and becomes wealthy.

You could only help to build wealth for the person who employed you. This is a fact that many people shy away from.
Another thing that calls for attention at this juncture is that throughout the world, retirement benefits are hardly paid to the average retiree immediately after retirement.

In Nigeria, for example, many retirees die while struggling to collect their retirement benefits. This happens in both Federal and State governments establishments.

As a result of this bitter experience, I would advocate that young people should boldly take up entrepreneurship very seriously and endeavour to work for themselves after graduating from the university.

And the easiest and cheapest way to start off is to sign in with a network marketing company and do the business from each person’s home. This risk is worth taking.

N/B: This post is not an original brain work of the FINTEL Coach. The author is unknown. The post has been in circulation on some WhatsApp Business groups. I want to believe it helped you.

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