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Everyone Must Sell Something

No matter your Career or Profession, if you must survive, it is a fact that you have to sell something.

I cringe whenever I see people looking down on Network Marketers because they feel that they are always “selling”. They complain that they cannot talk or convince people to take a look at a compensation plan because they cannot sell. What they don’t know is that in one way or the other, every working person is selling something in order to make a living.

Apart from Salespeople and Marketers that are actively involved in selling Goods and Services, below are the list of the things people sell knowingly or unknowingly in the course of doing their everyday job:

1. Time (except you have an effective system – money or people – working to generate money for you on a daily basis, every job will certainly demand that you sell your time)

2. Energy (truck pushers, dry cleaners, masons, heavy-duty vehicle drivers and other labour intensive jobs. These people expend their energy to get paid. That is sales.)

3. Talent (musicians, writers, athletes, footballers, actors, name them. These genius are experts in packaging their natural endowment and selling same via Premier Leagues, Olympics, Movie Industry, Royalties, etc)

4. Skill (as opposed to talent, skills are usually acquired or learned eg. Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Psychologists, Scientists, Engineers, Photographers, Farmers and so on. They sell out their skills in exchange for money)

5. Voice (TV and Radio presenters, News broadcasters)

6. Body (prostitutes, beauty pageants and body fitness models)

7. Insert your own here.

So you see… 

No matter what you do, you HAVE TO SELL SOMETHING in order to earn money. Those working the so-called “white collar jobs” are not excluded from selling. Every job can be categorised into one of the above means of exchange. That is how the economy is designed.

In a subsequent post, you will get to know the opportunities and challenges that abound in each medium of selling our resources in exchange for money.

Do you think there is a job that does not require selling?  Kindly drop your comments below, let’s discuss.

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