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“Financial Intelligence is nothing but the quest for knowledge that liberates from financial bondage.” – Obot Essiet Jr.

Sometimes this knowledge has to come in the form of open rebuke, criticism and harsh talk in other for the import of the message to sink in.

It is on this premise that I launched the first version of the FINTEL FRANK TALK online event on 2nd October 2017. The event with the theme “Why People Struggle Financially”, took place on the “FINTEL Coach” Facebook page and ran for 10 days.

Every morning, I published comprehensive articles on issues that I have come to understand – through experience, observation and insight – made people struggle with their personal finance.

The followership was massive and the positive feedbacks I got convinced me that indeed, tough talk works, especially when it comes to helping people troubleshoot the faults in their financial life.

Hence, on Wednesday, 15th August 2018, I again embarked on the second version of the FFT online event. It ran for 3 days. This time around the event was held in a private WhatsApp group which was full to the allowed capacity of 256 particpants.

The event tagged, “War Against Financial Debt” turned out to be a charged psychological warfare and a MasterClass on Debt Recovery and Financial Freedom.

As usual, the feedbacks and testimonials from the lives that have been touched as a result of this second FFT event have been overwhelming.

I seriously hope and believe that you will experience the same epiphany as you read and assimilate the contents of this Manual – which is a compilation of the first two versions of the FINTEL FRANK TALK events.

N/B: For the sake context and effectiveness, the tone and audience used in this manual is not very different from the one used during the live event.



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