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#FINTELFrankTalk (DAY 0 of 10)


Over the ages, MONEY or the need for it has been the major motivation for people getting up from the bed and going to school or work every morning.

Money has also been the cause of many conflicts among people and nations alike, as well as the instrument of relief for victims of war, natural disasters and poverty. It is one of the most mentioned prayer requests.

You have heard of Economic Meltdown, yet the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class are being wiped out.

Have you stopped to ask yourself WHY?

*Why is it that the subject of money is not taught in school?

*Why are there so many unemployed graduates; or am I going to join them soon?

*Why is the Government owing workers Salary and Pensions?

*Why is it that anytime I make some money, it seems I’m storing them in a pocket with holes?

*What does the future hold for me?

These and many more are the questions that are going to be answered by the Financial Intelligence Coach at the #FINTELFrankTalk Event billed for the first week of October on the “FINTEL Coach” Facebook page at 9 am Daily.



1. Search for and Like the “FINTEL Coach” page on Facebook.

2. Change the notification settings on the page from “Default” to “See first” so you won’t miss any of the Talks.

3. Use the Invite button to invite as many of your friends a possible to do same.

4. Watch out for the posts every morning.


See you there,


To your financial freedom

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