“Keep the Change”

Today, I am going to tell you a brief story to help drive my message about “keep the change” home. I got this story from Nairaland.

“The hashtag #5kbae, #keepthechangebae was a fascinating story that trended on Twitter on 29th of March 2017. It happened when a guy named Pablo Ayodeji went out on a date with a girl and actually spent N3800. He then kind of asked the girl out(normal now) but the girl declined his request. In a rage, the guy destroyed the girl on twitter calling her “a hungry ass son of a bitch”.

This spurred a reaction from the girl and trust me, it was an epic one. The girl immediately transferred N5,000 (that’s the #5kbae). So when you do a simple Mathematics, you’ll see that there’s a deficit of N1,200. The girl asked the guy to “keep the change” and use it for public transport( that was how the #keepthechangebae came up). Savage, huh???… Lol.

That savagery act by the girl made her popular in Nigeria with note-able Nigerian banks like Wema bank, first Bank recognising her epic response.

In fact, First Bank of Nigeria transferred N5000 into her account terming her “an empowered woman”. First Bank went further to pronounce her as a FirstGem.”

You can read more about the story using the hashtag #keepthechangebae online.

That is exactly what to expect from people that are financially free and responsible. No one can take you for a ride.

Besides, you can have the opportunity to bless the life of some hawker or grocery seller by offering the change as a “tip”. You never can tell how far that will go in solving someone’s financial problem.

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