Money Without Financial Intelligence is a Waste


After having all the money and time at your disposal, what’s next?

Do you know why many lottery winners die poor?
Do you know why it is hard for gamblers and football bet winners to break even?
Do you know why many beneficiaries of the so called Government financial empowerment schemes are neck deep in debts without a profitable business to show?
Do you know why an average roadside beggar will come back to his usual begging spot the following day even after receiving N10,000 from a “good Samaritan”?
Do you know why many business people who get loans from banks find it difficult to pay it back and eventually have to lose their collateral?

Sometimes, I hear people fantasizing about all the wonderful things they would do and how they would have “made it in life” if only they could be gifted with $1 million dollars. Some even dream about spending weeks and months on the Carribean and traveling the world.

These aspirations are legitimate, cool and worth pursuing.

However, the problem is that so many people lack what it takes to make $1 million work for them and to get its value doubled with time instead of decreasing.

The question now is, what would you do with that much money and time. Do you have a plan in place to use the money wisely? In a year’s time, what will you have to show for the money received? Do you think of the less privileged in the society? If you had the time you need to travel and see the world, would you consider volunteering a little of that time to help enhance worthy causes?

Learn to water your financial intelligence garden too

It all bears down to the level of your financial intelligence and how financially literate you are.

Can you now see why you need a FINTEL Coach?

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