MY TEARS, MY WISH! (A Cry for the Poor)

It HURTS  whenever I walk on the street and meet mature women old enough to be my mother asking me for “Transport fare” – not the way professional beggars do, but because they are truly IN NEED of it. I can almost imagine the level of hunger, want and displeasure in their families and it makes me want to cry.

Many of them are people that the Government has failed to provide the much needed economic succour and financial freedom they deserve. They were taught how to go to school, study hard, get a good grade, graduate, apply for a JOB, get employed, receive a salary, get promoted, retire, receive their pension and live paycheck to paycheck (from hand to mouth, as my mum would say…lol).

This archaic, retarded Mindset is a recipe for Poverty and Financial Bondage. No doubt, they faithfully followed to the latter, even taught their children to follow suit.

And what do we witness now? Some are still looking for jobs. Because of Economic Recession, some are being paid a fraction of their salaries (ask Nigerian lecturers). Some are being owed months of salary and pension, with very little or no hope for gratuity (my mum included). The civil servants, the teachers, nurses, cleaners, public administrators, name them… They are now very disappointed and groaning under the consequence of their wrong financial decisions.

Meanwhile, those of their colleagues that were wise enough to use part of their salary to acquire assets or investments that served as Plan B, are now smiling at the economic meltdown.

What hurts me, even more, is that despite this reality, their children (the youths of today) are towing the same line – defending and internalizing the Employee Mindset. They refuse to consider a Plan B talk more of a C. They still believe the government or some blue chip company will give them financial freedom if they ‘work hard’ enough.

Hmmm. May God have mercy on my generation… But wait o, hope you know you have to activate that mercy.


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3 thoughts on “MY TEARS, MY WISH! (A Cry for the Poor)”

  1. Inspiring one… I pray God gives us the grace to do better than our parents financially and otherwise..


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