Power: The Taboo Weapon that Everyone Craves

Power is that special taboo weapon that everyone is afraid of even though they naturally possess and wield it in varying degrees.

Everyone secretly craves for more power while at the same castigating those who overtly display it.

Imagine the paradox. ?

Yes, whether you agree or not, EVERYONE, from the US President to the poorest person on earth, possesses varying degrees of power and they knowingly or unknowingly wield it in various ways, either for good or for bad.

Let me explain…

Every leader – political, religious or otherwise is in a position of authority which affords him or her some level of power over other people.

Many followers have some level of power over who to elect as their leader while other followers have the power to choose who to follow and who not to follow.

Parents exercise power their children. Children exercise power over their younger siblings.

Teachers exercise power over students. Senior students exercise power over junior students.

And the list goes on and on…

EVERYONE possesses some levels of power and secretly craves for more…

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” – Luke 10:19 KJV

Christians go to church every Sunday to pray to God for more power – power over their sins, their enemies, their exams, their marriages, their jobs, their diseases and their lives in general.

They pray for power to perform miracles and understand the supernatural so they may have some form of control over their lives and that of others. ?

Pagans turn to ‘babalawo’, witches and wizards, the occult and other forms of dark magic so they can obtain, possesses and wield the very same purposes of power that Christians seek. ?

Ever heard of “Power of a woman”? ??

Yes! Every woman has power. And they wield it every day, in various degrees, over the men in their lives.

Men have masculine power too which they use to create, build and control things around them. ??

So you can see how that EVERYONE possesses some levels of power and secretly craves for more of it. ?

Everyone has Power

Why then are people generally afraid of power and why do they castigate those who overtly display their power? ?

They have gone to the extent of declaring that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Is it because of envy, fear of the unknown or sheer hypocrisy?

Well, while I don’t dispute the “power corrupts” theory (of course, unrestrained power corrupts)…. I don’t see any sense in the way people despise and castigate others who are powerful as if they are completely “power adverse”. ?

You can criticize the way people exercise their powers, but don’t hate on anyone for merely possessing or seeking to obtain more power.

Understand that POWER IS A GOOD THING.? It is the way people wield it and the purposes they intend to fulfill that may either be good or bad.?

A powerless person is helpless and pathetic!

If you have a job, you are probably working hard for a raise, a promotion or bigger deals & contracts. Why?

It is because, you need more money and more money means more POWER and Control over the choices and options in your life.

Does that make you a bad person?

NO! ?

In conclusion, next time you catch yourself feeling guilty for seeking more power or castigating people for overtly wielding their power, gently remind yourself that you equally possess & wield some levels of latent and potent power… AND that you too are secretly seeking for more. ???

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