Prosperity is a Life of Wealth, Health and Love

Prosperity is usually mistaken to be a life of financial abundance alone. While this definition is correct, there is more to Prosperity than having lots of bucks, cars or houses to your name.

Wealth is just a part of it.

What happens if you have Bill Gates wealth but at the same time you’re paralysed with an incurable terminal disease or you are living in painful isolation because no one wants to identify with you? That’s hell, right?

If you have good health and lots of love in your heart and around you, you have reasons to be grateful for you are already on the right path to prosperity.

Remember that real Prosperity lies is your ability to ‘readily’ lay hold on the (human, intellectual and capital) resources you need to do what you truly want to do when you want to do it.

In other words, Prosperity is a life of Wealth, Health and Love.

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