Learn to Bend the Rules of the Game of Money!

Money games aside, I am a lover of Board games.

I play Chess and Scrabble a lot on Facebook Messenger.

In fact, I am currently top of the list of all my friends on Facebook with over 120,000 points in the game of Chess. I don’t mean to brag.

Game of money by Fintel Coach
I spend an average of 1 hour playing Chess or Scrabble everyday.

I didn’t get there overnight. It is a result of passion and constant practice.

Recently, I got a request from some friends asking me to teach them how to play the game. I obliged.

That is when I remembered that the key to mastering any game at all is to learn the rules guiding the game.

Rules, Laws, Regulations, name them…

These are all laid down guidelines established to ensure peace, order and fair play in anything be it soccer, board game, school or society.

When you’re just starting out playing any game, you need to play by the rules in order to avoid problems and penalties, even if it will mean you getting beaten many times by the so-called “masters of the game”.

When I started playing Chess, I remember my mentor Emeka beating me like 10 times in row.

Gosh, I felt like crying….??

Then I realized I have to play by the rules even when I felt the guy was playing by some other “invisible rules” because he was a Master.

My consolation was that as time goes on, I’ll get to master the game and playing it will become second nature to me just like eating and driving.

?The same thing applies to MONEY.

When you were in school you were thought to play by the rules which according to Robert Kiyosaki include mantras like:

* Go to school, study hard and graduate with first class.

* Get a well-paid job with lots of benefits and “work for money” till you retire or die or both. ?

* It takes money to make money.

* Rich people are dishonest.

* Money is evil.

* Investing is risky.

* (add yours)

No doubt, some of these rules are good, fine and excellent (at least in the context which their were created).

★ But the problem is that this is where most people get STUCK – playing by the rules!

They believe that in other to avoid debts, poverty and financial problems, they have to “always” play by the rules.

Little do they know that the rules of money has changed.

Little do they know (those that know, don’t want to accept the fact) that the labour market is saturated.

Little do they know that because of this many employers are content to pay the minimum wage even when that can barely take care of their needs.

They become so scared of the punishment for breaking the rules that they fail to become creative.

They fail to ask questions like:

“Why do the Rich get richer?”.
“What do they know that I don’t know?”. “What are they doing differently?”

If you have ever asked the questions above, CONGRATULATIONS, you are halfway into the process of mastering the game called MONEY.

Now, I am going to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. Take it if you want.


How to Bend the Rules of Money

“In life, while normal people are content to play by the rules, Legends study and master the rules so well that they can bend it, go around it and recreate it WITHOUT breaking it.”
– Obot Essiet Jr. (17.05.2018)

The quote above best summarizes the answer to your question.

So long as you continue to buy into the mindset of the poor and play by the rules of money laid down since the 18th century, you will keep on asking those questions.

You have to realize the fact that the Rich play by a different rule.

They have studied and mastered the Laws of money, the laws of the land and the tax codes so well that they can take advantage of the several loopholes and opportunities for Wealth Creation contained therein.

They have invested in their Financial Intelligence and increased their knowledge of money, how it works and how to make it work for them.

They don’t just play the by the rules, they know when and how to bend it to their favour without necessarily breaking it.

That is why they are Masters of the Game.

That is why they can afford to go for costly vacation in exotic places.

That is why they can afford to have all the time they need for their families and their hobbies.

That is why they can afford to donate to the causes that matters most to them.

That is why they can afford to borrow millions from bank and make a lot of money from “good debt”.


In conclusion, the only way you can master the game of money and graduate from being an amateur into a professional is by increasing your Financial Intelligence and mastering the game called money.

How does this article resonate with you?
Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments below. I reply to everyone of them.

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