The Speculative Bubble Called Bitcoin

Bitcoin was meant to trigger the biggest wealth transfer in history.

Cryptocurrencies as a whole was meant to close the wealth gap between the poor and the rich – forever.

It was meant to give the middle class a competitive edge against the “greedy” upper class. ?

It was meant to evade Government regulation and Central Banks’ control and manipulation.

But what are we seeing today?

The Rich have accumulated for themselves millions of dollars in crypto currency while many of the poor and middle class are still doubting and wondering whether to believe it or not.

There are “true rumors” that even the big Wall Street Banks like JPMorgan Chase are buying millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.

Now the government of Zimbabwe is eyeing Bitcoin following the stagflation caused by the scarcity of their own currency.

Look here….

It is impossible to force people to build wealth simply by following a trend or the speculation of a crypto currency… without FIRST changing the person’s mindset.

I say it over and over again that the first step to Wealth Creation is Financial Intelligence…

Recently, Bitcoin passed the $6,000 mark

Take it or leave it!

Even if the Bitcoin bubble will live up to expectations and not crash someday, who do you think will gain most in the end?

The Rich or the Poor?

Of course, the rich that were well positioned (both mentally and financially) to key into the bubble will become insanely rich while the poor will get poorer and the middle class will probably be wiped out.

Do you want to know why?

It is because, wealth is first of all created in the mind before manifesting physically…

A Rich Mindset, good Financial Education and Intelligence are attributes the rich have and take like a daily food. They have so trained their minds to recognize and take advantage of wealth creation opportunities.

On the other hand, the poor are trained to see the disaster in every opportunity, which rightly explains why they are stucked in their finances.

Finally, whether the Bitcoin Bubble is here to stay or not, I can’t tell. I am still studying the Crypto Currency business, while investing in it as well. The end will justify the means.

Have you invested in Cryptocurrency yet? Do you believe it is real? Let me know your thoughts it the comments below.

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