Stop Whining, IT WON’T WORK!

The Times are hard so they say,

Government is not paying salaries so they lament,

There are no jobs so they cry,

Prices of commodities are on the rise so they scream…

Yet people are travelling to Dubai for shopping,

Yet people are building megastructures,

Yet people are buying Real Estate,

Yet people are going on vacation to exotic countries,

Yet people are smiling to the bank.

Don’t ask yourself WHY? — Ask yourself HOW?

The question, WHY will only generate self-pity and resentment;

The question, HOW will push you to THINK, LEARN & INNOVATE!

The answer is that these people refuse to WORK FOR MONEY;

Instead, they find ways MONEY CAN WORK FOR THEM.

By the time Nigeria recovers from the current Economic Recession, there sure will be people that will survive the storm.

However, not everyone will come out STRONG

Some will come out CRACKED

Some will come out BROKE

Some will come out DEAD BROKE.


How fit are you?


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