“Fear can kill your spirit. And that is the greatest evil. If your spirit is weakened your health is weakened, your happiness is impossible and you begin to hurt all of the people around you. Fear is toxic.”

It is with this excerpt from my mentor’s email that I shared in the last post that I want to use to introduce you to the antidote for the fear of not having money.

The cure for monilessophobia is not far-fetched. Already, from the email, we have learned that “People do not confront the fear of not having money logically. They react emotionally instead of using their heads.” Money is known for provoking an emotional reaction in people, especially those addicted to working hard for it to the extent of allowing it dictate and control their lives.

You cannot get an effective remedy for an ailment without first of all identifying and understanding its source and root cause. So refer to my last post on “MONILESSOPHOBIA – The Fear of Not having Money” to get a grip on what this fear is all about. If you have done so already, then you are ready for the prescriptions I have for you here. I am going to get straight to the point.


Monilessophobia is an emotional problem and there is a therapy for it


5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Not Having Money


As I mentioned earlier in the last post, the root cause of monilessophobia is the many lies we were made to believe about money while growing up. Your beliefs, your inhibitions and your dogma can make you look at money as your enemy, a tool, an evil thing or even as a god. Each perspective of money has its own consequences. If you must overcome your fear of not having money, it is your responsibility to take the time out to learn, unlearn and relearn a whole lot of things about what money really is and what it is not. Deliberately educate yourself about money. Open your mind and be ready to break those limiting beliefs that are putting you in financial bondage. Once you have this understanding, it becomes a lot easier to confront monilessophobia.



 I have discovered that most of the times when people are plagued by monilessophobia, the real fear is something else outside money. It is them! According to my good friend Kate of

“There’s no ease, no expansiveness, no faith in oneself or trust in the world, when you avoid making choices that would lift you up, because you’re afraid of not having enough money.

That gets right to the heart of it:

Fear of not having enough, is often really a fear that you are not enough.

It’s a fear of being defined by your (low) bank account numbers.
It’s a fear that you lack resourcefulness to find solutions if the shit hit the fan.
It’s a fear that you don’t know how to deal with the stress of a serious financial challenge.
It’s a fear that the world, your world, will fall apart.”

The sooner you understand that the real reason behind the fear could be YOU, the sooner you will be able to “get well soon” from monilessophobia.


If you went into a bathroom that was flooded with water, what would you do? Will you immediately start mopping the water? I think the best thing to do will be to, first of all, identify and block the source of leakage or turn off the facet (if it was left open) before looking for the mop. But people don’t usually do that when it comes to money.

When they see that they are running out of money, the first thing most people usually do is look for where to borrow so they can continue to maintain the wasteful lifestyle they live. This is only a surface treatment to a deep-seated problem. It doesn’t last. Rather being in debt complicates the fear and puts you in more trouble. 

The next time you are besieged with Monilessophobia, the best thing to do is find the courage to make an inventory of your finances. Find out where you have a leaky pocket and seal it first. You seal the leak first of all by adjusting your lifestyle, your spending to fit with your income.

Once you achieve that, you can go ahead to look for means to expand your income and earning capacity by increasing your financial literacy. Like my mentor said in the email, “the solution is not to have a job, but to have an asset.”

When you feel that you are running out of money or that you don’t have enough to sustain yourself; that is not the time to get a second or third job or begin to work late hours. No! You’ll only succeed in killing your health. Rather, what you should do is begin to acquire assets that will generate passive income for you.



Without a budget, you are going to fall a victim of impromptu spending which is very bad for your finances. A budget is a written plan that shows you how much money you have, how much you are expecting to have, what your needs are, how much money you will need to meet those needs or will be able to spend.

It is not enough to have your budget “in your head”. Write it down. Writing it down has a way of making it stick in your consciousness and easier to implement.

With a budget, you will not have any need to be afraid of when or if your money will finish because you will be able to know exactly where your money is coming from and where it is going.

Having a budget takes you from the automatically takes you from the passenger seat and puts you in the driver’s seat of your finances. It puts you in control and it is much harder to be afraid of not having enough money.



Robert Kiyosaki is credited with this statement and in my opinion, he couldn’t be more right. We have always be thought to save money if we wanted to get wealthy. “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”, right? While that looks like a good advice, it totally lacks merit in reality. The stark truth is that you can never get rich by savings alone.

The major reason is that the longer your money stays in the bank, the harder it is bitten by inflation until it becomes almost valueless. A million dollar today will not have the same value in 5 years’ time. Besides, you are continually being charged by the bank for keeping the money for you, despite the fact that they are giving it out as loans and making more money with it. Savage, isn’t it? 

Many people, especially the working class are aware of this phenomenon but they cannot help themselves because they are yet to have a change of mindset about money. They keep saving and using up their “savings” before the month runs out. It becomes very difficult for them to grow their savings because they are “saving for the rainy day” instead of saving to acquire an income producing asset… and that is exactly how monilessophobia steps in – when they have nothing tangible to fall back on.

The right thing to do with your savings is to use it to invest in profitable ventures that can grow over time instead of hoarding the money in the bank and believing it will always be there waiting for you. Investment is one of the cures for monilessophobia.

In conclusion, I want to assure you that overcoming monilessophobia is an achievable feat for anyone ready and willing to work with a dedicated Coach. You need to talk to someone. You need a listening ear. You need someone that is more knowledgeable than you to help monitor, correct and guide you out of monilessophobia into financial freedom. While there are many coaches out there, finding a good one that prefers serving you and satisfying your needs first to money should not be a difficult task seeing you are in the right place already.

Reach out to the FINTEL Coach using any of the social media links below. I am expecting to hear from you soonest.

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