rich vs. poor

What Makes the Rich Different from the Poor

A poor man is always afraid to invest

A rich man sees every opportunity as an avenue to succeed.

A poor man is too wise and too difficult to convince, yet he has no achievement.

A rich man sees every opportunity as a risk and does not wait for evidence before he can invest.

A poor man is so afraid to lose the little he has so he misses opportunities yet remain poor for life

A rich man knows if he doesn’t invest, he will eat up the little he has and remain poor for life, so he takes chances and invests in genuine businesses.

A poor man is impatient and can’t wait to work before he can earn. So he remains poor for life.

A rich man is patient with his investments, works hard, looks for solutions, and succeeds.

A poor man always wait for peoples opinion and looks at peoples faces before he enters into a business

A rich man is a master of his own and doesn’t give a damn of what people might say and he is never shy of his handwork. This makes him earn opportunities in life he would have missed out of shyness.

A poor man looks for proof, asks for proof, and demand for proof before he can invest.

A poor man is wiser than himself and poorer than his mates.

Networking is the opportunity to earn a little percentage of unlimited numbers of other people’s efforts rather than 100% of your own single effort. Think like a rich man. Expand your mind and think beyond limit. Do not allow your mind to enslave you and make you poor forever by keeping you just within the box.

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