What Makes the World Go Round?

What Makes the World Go Round?

Love makes the world go round. Money provides the lubricant.


If you studied Physics, you can recall that when a machine is rotating around a point and two parts are rubbing against each other, friction is bound to happen.

Over a while, without some form of lubrication 💦 or other relief mechanism, this friction will lead to overheating, tear and wear of these machine parts.

In the same vein, if you think love💞 alone is enough to make life here go round without some form of “money lubrication”💸, you’re in for a hard surprise sooner or later. 🙃

Love = makes the world go round ✔️

Money = provides the lubricant ✔️

Love + Money = make the world go round “smoothly”. ✔️

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Obot Essiet Jr.

I am an Architect, Entrepreneur and a Financial Intelligence Coach. I help set people on the right path to Financial Freedom by internalising financial literacy. I love cycling, reading and playing chess.

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