You Don’t Need Money To Make Money

I remember when I was young, my parents would tell me “money does not grow on trees” whenever I made demands they could not afford. I will immediately recoil into my shell and keep my desires in check.

As I grew up, society tried to convince me that I need money to make money.

They said that if I must get a good job, I must “lobby” my way through. If I must win a contract, I must “consult” the people concerned…

As I began to grow in Financial Intelligence, I made up my mind to dump some of the “limiting beliefs” about money.

Of course, why not? I have discovered that they are all LIES that proceed from the dungeons of a poverty mindset.

What then do you need to make money?

1. A profitable Idea

2. A rich mindset

3. Ability to recognise and take advantage of opportunities.

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