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Hello there! Are you still contemplating whether or not to work with the FINTEL Coach to sort out your finances? Check out what these 67 people have to say about working with me.

On 31st July 2019, FINTEL Warriors, a WhatsApp group that I founded one year earlier to host the #WarOnDebt Masterclass turned plus one and we decided to celebrate it in a special way.

I took the members of the group down memory lane to remind them of how the group started and the over 100 financial intelligence sessions we have had over the months handled by myself and various business and finance experts.

I also called for testimonials by people who have been impacted by the group. The response was overwhelming. Below are some of the over 60 testimonials by members of the group.

Hannah Olaniran

A very special person introduced me to this group. I've learnt a lot most especially from the books. They've really helped me financially. PiggyVest is also a blessing. Those savings actually saved my life during a tough time. I have no regret being part of this group... It's a blessing being here.

Olaniran Hannah

Sales/Travel Consultant.

Wisdom Asuquo

This FINTEL group has elevated my wisdom beyond my own personal imagination. Secondly, I have quite learned some strategies on how to prepare for future unforeseen demands. Thirdly, it has enabled me to save quite well, although not too perfect. More so, I have learned the need to have a contingency plan. Lastly, I must say the lesson in this group that has impacted me in a big way is the one that: Everyone must sell something.

Wisdom Asuquo


Donatus Ehi

I joined this group like September last year via a link posted by a friend. I inquired from him where he got it from and he told me, FINTEL. So I followed and joined. I was like, "Wow,

you mean I have been missing this?"

The thing is, I have learned a lot from this platform and built network of friends. FINTEL isn't just a WhatsApp group, it's a vision and am happy to be among the future Nigeria investors. God bless @Obot Essiet, Jr. for giving us this opportunity to learn from his wisdom.

Donatus Ehi

Civil Engineer

Daniel Attai

FINTEL group is not just a group but an academy where people are getting FREE financial and business education. I joined the group in December 2018 and it has been a great channel for me to get practical finance and business principles that has helped me reorganize my personal finance and business. I came to know about Piggybank here. I want to say a big thank you to FINTEL Coach, Mr. Obot and our teachers, all the members of FINTEL Warriors. 

Daniel Attai

Teacher, Graphic Designer

Omotola Omolade

I was a student as at the time a friend introduced me to this group. Though I use to be a spend thrift kind of person but I wasn't so detailed in financial intelligence until I met this wonderful group. To experiment I started saving and put some of my allawee [as a Corp member] into little investments here and there.

I will be passing out [from service] soon but not empty handed. I am glad I was able to track down and not only save but as well invest. To all of the facilitators, I really appreciate you all. God bless you abundantly.

Omotola Omolade

NYSCorp member

Sarah's Testimonial

I joined FINTEL group some months ago through one of my mentors, Alex Iheanacho after I listened to Coach Obot teach us about financial intelligence.I have learnt a lot from him and other great facilitators in this great group. I knew about Piggybank through Mr Obot, though I couldn't join then maybe because of network.

I appreciate the great books shared here and Coach Obot who inspires me always. FINTEL group is going places.

Sarah Ahusimhere

Relationship Coach

My name is Daniel Godsfavour. I got to know about FINTEL Warriors sometime this week during a conversation with a course mate who told me so many inspiring things she'd learned from the group. For the few days I've spent in this group (as a silent observer), I personally believe it is worth the stay. Special thanks to the organizers, admins and every member of the group.

Godsfavour Daniel

French Student

Uchenna Chuckwu

I got to know Obot (FINTEL Coach) from Facebook where he was on campaign for financial intelligence. I was particularly attracted by the kind of business books he was posting online every month based on his then policy of "new month, new book" to read. I joined the Facebook group. Later on, he migrated us to this current WhatsApp group for a workshop he tilted "War on Debts".

So far I have learned a lot. I have learnt that there are two types of debts - good debt which makes you richer like the debt used to invest in assets like real estate, business etc and bad debt which makes one poorer eg. debt used to buy liabilities like cars, home electronics etc that do not generate income.

I have learnt of the power of leveraging as tool for getting rich, the relevance of team work, the need for learning new skills and most significantly, this group has changed my mindset from not looking for jobs to looking for problems to solve (business). I say big thanks to every member of this forum. I'm very grateful for the values you guys provide here. Once again I say thanks @FINTEL coach for bringing us together.

Uchenna Chuckwu

Network Marketer

Alimi Idris

I just joined this group on Monday this week through my WhatsApp friend. I have been gaining but have not able to use it yet. Thanks for this gift, I believe it will benefit me alot.

Alimi Idris Opeyemi


Before the commencement of the WhatsApp group, Mr. Obot has been my Facebook friend for a while. I started learning about Financial Intelligence from the Facebook closed group he created and then gradually he discussed with me about his intention to have a seminar too on WhatsApp. I think the seminar was supposed to be for 3 days or there about. After the seminar was over, I had asked him what's next, if he was going to maintain the group. That was when he brought the idea of keeping the group for those who would want to be FINTEL Warriors.

Every day I feel elated when I see the energy we put into making this group survive and the stable numbers we still have. It is like everyone is saying, "we die here. Lol". But instead of dying, I see us learning the FINTEL knowledge here and applying it in our lives outside. I see us going places FINTELly too. I see people getting motivated to start teaching others what they know. The knowledge we've gained here is never a waste. We can impact it into many lives out there.

I have no regret being here. I see us getting better, exploring and learning new ways to attain a greater level of financial intelligence. Cheers to our one year Anniversary. Cheers to great FINTEL Warriors. Cheers.

Didi Otong

Studentprenueur, Admin of FINTEL Warriors.

Titilayo Fadipe

I joined this group about one month ago. Prior to this, I came in contact with the FINTEL Coach as a Youth Corp member in my state. He is a very friendly and lively person to be with. I got to know about FINTEL through Facebook before he added me to FINTEL Warriors.

This group has actually changed my orientation about money, how to manage it and how to make more money. I got the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' which has been so helpful to me.

FINTEL has taught me to be wise in my spendings and lots about financial liberation within this few weeks of being a member.

Happy Anniversary FINTEL.

Fadipe Titilayo

French Student

Albert Righteous

I joined this group like four months ago. My friend, @Edna Akpan posted a quote on her status and I liked it. I enquired from her where she got it from and she told me, FINTEL. It sounded strange at first but I told her to add me up. She sent me the link afterward though.

Ok, let me not bore you with much info.The thing is, I have learned a lot from this platform than I have in the last few years. FINTEL isn't just a WhatsApp group, it is a vision and I am happy to be part of it. God bless @FINTEL Coach for giving us this opportunity to learn from his wisdom.

Albert Righteous

Student, Electrician, Solar panel Installer.

It has been a wonderful time in this group. I have met a lot of great minds. To be honest I can't remember how I joined but I know it was during the #WarOnDebts seminar. I even joined late and did not get the complete session. But what I have learnt so far has greatly changed me all-round and I'm very grateful.

Is it the Real Estate eye opening sessions, or the digital marketing and branding sessions? So much knowledge every time, thanks once again. I have been eyeing this book o Coach, thanks for giving it to us, when we should be gifting you instead. It is worth more than N2000.

I assure you, you're building a network of great men and women that'll make highly significant change in the Nigerian and African economy. And I'm glad to be here. I look forward to events where we'll have physical meetings. Before I talk too much.

Concerning that compilation of sessions, I am here o. If you need any help, Coach I look forward to it. Thank you so much, Obot Essiet Jr.

Cosmos Opurum

Web Developer

Osaro Ehiogie

Happy anniversary to us all. This group has indeed impacted me immeasurably. A big thank you to the FINTEL Coach himself, Obot Essiet Jr. for creating and moderating this group. God bless you bro, more grace. Let’s not relent our efforts until we take a flight from the zone of financial freedom to the comfort zone of financial confidence!.

Osaro Ehiogie

Real Estate, Property Flipping, Affiliate Marketer, Mini-importer.

Philip Adamu

I came to know about FINTEL through a pastor friend of mine @Afolabi Igbayiloye. He always updates his WhatsApp status with #FINTELTip of the Day, and I would run to his status daily just to read the tip and they have been helpful and motivating.

One day after reading the tip of the day on his status I couldn't wait but voice my likeness and admiration for the FINTEL tip and he said he can add me to the group if I want. I didn't even wait for my brain to think when my lips said yes. I've attended just few classes here: Taxation, Branding, Multilevel marketing, something about civil service and some crash classes and a few chats that have benefited me immensely.

To be honest I admire @FINTEL Coach’s courage and tenacity to take up this challenge at first despite not having any physical evidence to show for it then. It takes men of vision to undertake this task and @FINTEL Coach is one. Keep it up bro. Thanks and God bless you.

Philip Adamu

Laboratory Analyst with International Breweries

Oladipo Olaniyi

This group is changing my life and orientation on a daily basis in terms of equipping myself financially by getting adequate information on financial intelligence. I can boldly say, "I am changing". I met @FINTEL Coach in another group and in one of his FINTEL sessions, he

introduced this WhatsApp group and I joined.

The most impactful sessions for me are those on debt freedom, lessons from Kiyosaki's book, network marketing and taxation. Thank you for the great job you're doing. God bless you.

Oladipo Olaniyi


Aniekpeno Udom

I have received so much wisdom from this group and proper training that has made it possible for me to speak intelligently about subjects I wouldn't normally know much about. I was introduced to Obot, the FINTEL Coach in 2017 and I paid for his first book then, at a discounted rate, though.

Then I was working on my startup storehouse.ng, a digital platform that provides tools to budget and save, and also pay for goods and services strictly from your budget. He was supposed to work with me on that project, teaching financial intelligence to our users but global man ran off to NYSC... Lol

So when I launched the beta phase of Storehouse.ng he saw my status and congratulated me and graciously added me to the group. He is always the encourager in self-improvement no matter your achievements. Thank you sir for that believe and constant push. So when he comes back from his romance with the federal government we can resume our "bizmance". My best lesson was on taxation. I learnt loads.

Thank you for all you do for us here! I wish FINTEL Warriors many more anniversaries!

Undomiel, Aniekpeno

CEO, storehouse.ng