Hello there... I am Obot Essiet Jr. The FINTEL Coach You are welcome!

My deepest desire is to help set people on the right path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM through practical financial literacy solutions using tools, practices and techniques that are world-class.

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My Services


Financial Strategy

I help fill the knowledge gap of what you need to know about money which is painfully missing in our traditional education system.

Debt Management

Debt Management

I provide you with a scientific and practical plan to get out of bad debt faster.



During a one-on-one consultation session, I listen to your financial challenges and provide solutions that work.


Coaching & Training

I help you gain clarity on your personal and business finances so you position yourself for sustainable wealth creation.

Savings & Budget MasterPlan Programme

Savings & Budget Master-Plan

To create wealth, you need to master the habit of keeping and then growing a percentage of what you make. I help you create a workable plan to make that possible.

Obot Essiet Jr., FINTEL Coach

About Me

... internalizing financial literacy

I discovered that the major reason many people are struggling financially is as a result of lack of financial intelligence education, which unfortunately, is not taught in schools. Hence. I commit myself to making this knowledge available to all and sundry, which will serve as a guide to achieving financial freedom.

Our Strategic Partners

Over a period of time our services has enabled us reach a wide range of people. We partner with reputable firms in the Business and Finance Industry to provide excellent services to our clients. Here is the list of a few. We will also like to have you as one of our beneficiaries!

Join Our Teaming FINTEL Ecosystem

I provide a growing and vibrant online community where you can learn from and interact with other finance and business experts.

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Deborah Obot Testimonial

I joined FINTEL Warriors out of sheer curiosity. But less than a week in, I knew I'd stay. It's been less than a year here, but my story has changed. I have learned to be intentional with my finances. I've also received guidance on how to go about my startup business. I've referred friends here because I'll love others to also gain value. Thanks to the FINTEL Team.

Deborah Obot

Blogger and Copywriter
Ruthiana Aghedo

I just want to say thanks for all the lectures you have made me receive in the FINTEL group which have exposed me to lots of financial truth. Even as a student, my mindset concerning money has changed and I've learned how to make money work for me instead of working for money. I have also learned how to invest instead of spending recklessly. Thanks so much.

Ruthiana Aghedo

Caleb Nwobasi

It's been a great time being here for about two months plus. I have learned, unlearned and relearned crucial topics about insurance, savings, trade-mark, etc. Even as a die-hard network marketer and business analyst, I find this group as one of the best I've ever joined on social media. Thanks to my beloved brother who linked me with this exclusive group. And thanks to Mr. Obot for creating this esteemed platform. One thing, I just can't do without is the #FINTELTip of the day. It's quite awesome to be here. Kudos

Caleb Nwobasi

Blogger @ BazykConcepts.

Our Products

FINTEL Coach’s products have impacted a vast majority of people. Here are a few we believe will help you gain maximum Financial Intelligence and mastery over your finances

HOTSLAP Cover Design

How To Save Like A Pro

Savings & Budget MasterMind


Fintel Frank Talk I & II

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