​FINTEL Frank Talk – DAY 10 of 10

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We have come to the last day of the #FINTELFrankTalk Event Series. It is now time to begin to apply what you have learnt in the past 9 days.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true” – Greg S. Reid.

It is important that you immediately seek ways to apply what you have learnt during this Frank Talk in other to grow your financial intelligence….

Robert Kiyosaki said that today, those who have a strong financial education have ‘an unfair advantage’ over those who do not. When you become financially intelligent, you will not only know how to make wiser money decisions, you will be able to print you own money! ?


There are legal ways to print money and make money work hard for you.

Doesn’t printing your own money appeal more to you than working harder for a paycheck, paying higher percentages in taxes, saving money in the bank and losing purchasing power to inflation and taxes, or risking your money for the long term in the stock market?

According to Rich Dad, you print your own money when you get back all the money you used to acquire an asset, and enjoy the benefits of the cash flow from the asset.

This is done via a financial term known as Return on Investment, or ROI.

In his book, “Cashflow Quadrant”, Robert Kiyosaki identifies five categories of Investors, namely:

1. The Zero-Financial-Intelligence level

2. The Savers-Are-Losers level

3. The I’m-Too-Busy level

4. The I’m-A-Professional level

5. The Capitalist level

He also identified four major categories of investment you can choose from, namely:

1. Businesses

2. Real Estate

3. Paper Assets – stocks, bonds, savings, annuities, insurance and mutual funds

4. Commodities – gold, silver, oil, platinum, etc

With the right knowledge, you can create lasting wealth in any of these assets.

When it comes to investment, he said, “it is not the asset class that makes you rich or poor. It is what you know…

“Your poverty or wealth, success or failure, depends solely on how smart you are as an investor. For example, a financially intelligent investor will make millions in the stock market while an amateur will lose money. 

“It is sad that most people do not think learning how to invest is important. Some are too busy to learn. Hence, they believe that investing is risky or hand over their money to a ‘financial expert’ or a stock broker to manage for them. Most of these experts are not really investors, but salespeople who make money via paid commissions whether your investment makes money or not.”

Listen! I don’t care how much money you have. A good return on investment is a function of your technical know-how about the asset and not how much money you have.

If you have the money but don’t have the intelligence or a coach to guide you through, you will end up losing money even on a supposedly good investment.

As an amateur investor with no much money, the best investment you can start with is an investment in your greatest asset which is YOUR MIND. An investment in your mind is an investment in your Financial Intelligence.


In business and investment, first you LEARN, then you remove the “L”.

The only way to be financially intelligent and make wise investments is to first of all invest your a.) Time and b.) Money – to build your financial literacy.

Be committed to buying and reading financial education books. Buy online courses on how to manage your finances. Attend both online webinars and offline seminars and conferences on money, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Listen to useful podcasts and watch videos from financially successful people. Make it a habit to associate with positive people that are on the same mission as yourself on social media.

There are three types of education: Academic, Professional and Financial Education.

The first two are what you learnt in school to prepare you for a career life while the last one is deliberately omitted from the school curriculum. This explains why many talented and successful career people who make lots of money still struggle with their finances….

…that should not be you!

In conclusion, it is now left for you to acquire financial literacy, internalize it and use it to make your life better because if you don’t, no one will do it for you.

Fortunately, you have the FINTEL Coach right here that is enthusiastic and interested in helping, advising, cheering and guiding you on your way to financial success.

Click here, to have a personal chat with me. I will be glad to hear from you.


WITH THIS, We have officially come to the end of the premier edition of the #FINTELFrankTalk Event hosted by the Financial Intelligence (FINTEL) Coach, Obot Essiet Jr.

Thank you and God bless you.

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    Thank you so much for following this Event all the way to the end. You are indeed a genius and the next big thing to happen to our generation.

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