Is Money Really Evil?

Well, the love of money may be the “root of all evil”, but never tell me that money in itself is evil.

Money is a tool. It is neither good nor evil. Only a bad workman quarrels with his tools.

Good and evil resides in the hearts of men who use money as a tool to accomplish their good and evil deeds.

Therefore, seeing that money is neutral on the moral balance, the onus is now on you to work on yourself, develop the right mindset and be determined to make and use money for causes that will add value to humanity.

Above all, learn how to make money work for you so you won’t remain it’s slave your whole life.

This is the whole essence of Financial Intelligence and I am committed to bringing this to you on a daily basis.

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Obot Essiet Jr.

I am an Architect, Entrepreneur and a Financial Intelligence Coach. I help set people on the right path to Financial Freedom by internalising financial literacy. I love cycling, reading and playing chess.

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