Prayer is the Master Key; Hard work is the Door Knob

I am very sure you are familiar with the song that says “Prayer is the key…Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer….prayer is the master key”

I like the song and I believe in it ?.

However, in line with another saying that “Faith without Works is dead”, I’d also like to add that if Prayer is the key, then Hard work is the doorknob.

Think of it.

If you only slot in the key into the keyhole of your front door and turned it unlocked, would you enter the house without getting hold of the doorknob, turning it open and pushing the door?

I am sure your answer is NO!

The same thing goes for your Finances.

If you want to be financially free and out of the rat race, you have to take hold of the door knob.

It is not enough to pray for money to fall from the skies, you have to get into action in other to make it happen.

Don’t just pray and work hard, WORK SMART.

Adopt new technologies and Digital ways of doing things.

Make your hard work count.

Don’t just work your ass off without any specific goal or sense of direction. You will kill yourself doing so…

Finally, to open the door to your Financial Freedom, be sure to use the master key. Use the door knob also…

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