The Simple Logic About the Labour Market

The simple logic about the Labour Market is that:

“Job Seekers MUST WORK FOR Job Creators – be they Government, Corporations or Entrepreneurs.”

What does this say about your job security and cash flow?

It means that you are technically at the mercy of your employer. He has the right to pay you when he wants or when the company makes a profit. He has the right to sack you when he feels you’re no longer useful or when the company is at a loss.

Sounds scary, right?

Fine… I understand that not everyone was made to be an Entrepreneur. But what are you doing with your income as an Employee?

Are you building passive income generating assets or are you spending your paycheck on liabilities? Do you know you can have a business that is running with very little supervision from you as an Employee?

Have you considered various Investment options like Bonds and Shares, Network Marketing, Real Estate et al?

The earlier you understand and apply this Financial Intelligence tip in your life, the more secure your future source of living will be.

Take action NOW!


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