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Money is the Magnet, Your Mindset is the Conductor

When I first started out on my Financial Intelligence journey, perhaps one of the most tedious tasks before me was to understand the intricate relationship between the human Mindset and Money.

Mindset plays a crucial role in people’s perception of wealth and indirectly affects their ability to acquire, multiply and sustain it.

I have come to identify two kinds of Mindsets: ABUNDANCE mindset and SCARCITY mindset. While the former sees the glass as half full, the latter sees that same glass as half empty.

While the former sees possibilities, an abundance of opportunity, connections, resources and money as a ‘tool’ to meet his dreams; the latter sees impossibilities, his limitations, lack of connections, money and incapabilities.

What is the way out?

You have to understand that contrary to the laws of Physics you were taught in school, in Wealth Creation, like poles attract and unlike poles repel.

Money has no master. It is neutral, a Constant, hence I call it the MAGNET. The determinant factor is YOU, yes You.

If have a good conductor – Abundance Mindset, wealth will naturally gravitate towards you, sooner or later. This is because you’re always providing the right atmosphere to create, nurture, multiply and sustain it.

On the other hand, if you have a bad conductor – Scarcity Mindset, you won’t know it, but you’ll be naturally repelling wealth in your thoughts, words, actions and even body language.?

It is not black magic. These are natural laws that hold true for every ethnicity, race, gender and religion…

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