#WarOnDebts with the FINTEL Coach

#WarOnDebts MasterClass with the FINTEL Coach


Let me give you 3 scenarios:

★1. Mrs. John is a 58-year-old wife and mother of 5 children at different stages of Education; and a Level 16 Civil Servant who works at the State Secretariat.

She earns N120,000 monthly.

However, it has become normal for her to find herself neck deep in debt just before the last week of the month.

Why? ?

★2. Emeka is a businessman who owns a large electronics shop at the popular Itam market. He makes lots of money every week yet he is still a tenant.

At the same time, Emeka is unable to pay his bank loan of N3 million and the bank will soon foreclose on his newly constructed house in the village.

His hands are tied and to make matters worse, his wife is 7 months pregnant. What will he do? ?

★3. Miss Rhoda is a 400 level student of Medicine at the University of Port Harcourt. She receives a monthly allowance of N20,000 from her struggling parents.

Her textbooks, lab equipment, clothing, shoes and other utilities are so costly that she is currently indebted to her best friend and bunkie to the tune of N60,000.

How will she pay back her debt and maintain her valuable relationship with her friend?


I didn’t intend to write a long epistle as I usually do.

But I believe you can relate to each of these stories.

Perhaps you’re even walking in their shoes or you know a friend or family member who is.

If so, I am here to inform you that it is time to take the bull by the horns by attending this #FINTELFrankTalk2.0 seminar hosted by the FINTEL Coach

It is tagged #WarOnDebts. See the flyer above for further details.

Click on this link to join the WhatsApp group where the event will be taking place ?bit.ly/WarOnDebts.

The first step to Financial Independence is a Debt-Free life.



1. IF you’re easily offended by strong acidic talk that has the power to overturn your mindset, disrupt your lifestyle and set you on the path to financial freedom.

2. IF you are not going to invite at least 2 of your friends (especially those that like owing you) to join the event.


WhatsApp as a limited capacity of 256.

Considering the intensity of the “Debt Problem” in many people’s personal finance, I can’t guarantee you that there’ll be space for you on the event day.

The best time to join is NOW  bit.ly/WarOnDebts

If you ignore this invitation and the group gets full before you join, I won’t be able to help you anymore….except to give you late access the contents of the FREE webinar at a price ?.

Once again, here’s the link  bit.ly/WarOnDebts.

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