How Secure is Your JOB?

Did You Know?

Over 400,000 graduates are churned out of our tertiary institutions yearly in Nigeria.

Out of this number, 75% remain unemployed while 25% get jobs.
Now, of the 25% that get jobs, 15% will earn between N15,000 to N50,000, 6% earn between N50k – N200k.

Only 4% will get their dream jobs that they are truly happy with.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate rose to 14.2 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Last year we saw mass sacks in the Banking and Oil/Gas sectors due to the new Forex policy.

So many retirees are complaining of not receiving their full retirement benefits after more than 5 years of retirement from the civil service (my mum is affected too)

So… seeing this Stats answer me…
How secure is your job from retrenchment?
How guaranteed is your certificate to land you your dream job?

The Solution is INDUSTRY…

While fighting for your CERTIFICATE, do not neglect to discover your passion, develop it and acquire some entrepreneurial skills that can make you self-independent with or without a job.

While working your 9-5 JOB, ensure you lay aside part of your Salary for Investment in long-term profitable ventures that you can fall back on no matter the weather.

The key to all these is Financial Intelligence. Seek it… Acquire it!

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Obot Essiet Jr.

I am an Architect, Entrepreneur and a Financial Intelligence Coach. I help set people on the right path to Financial Freedom by internalising financial literacy. I love cycling, reading and playing chess.

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